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We've created this portal to let you dive in the word of Salesforce apps, integrations and specific implementations.

About Our Portal, a project of Mobilunity, Ukrainian IT company recognized for its innovative approaches, is thrilled to present a dedicated platform for all things Salesforce: Salesforce Apps. With the accelerating demand for Salesforce across businesses worldwide, there’s a growing need for a reliable resource that addresses the myriad challenges and queries that organizations face. That’s where our portal comes into play.

We aim to be the primary go-to platform for companies leveraging Salesforce. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a startup dipping its toes into the Salesforce ecosystem, our platform promises fast solutions and lucid answers to the most pressing practical questions.

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Practical Content

We believe that the best advice comes from lived experiences. Our articles and guides aren’t just theoretical insights or generic advice. They’re grounded in real-world challenges that Salesforce users face every day.

Certified Experts

Our pride lies in our team of authors, who are more than just writers. They are certified Salesforce administrators and developers. Their credibility isn’t only stamped by their certifications but also by the multitude of problems they’ve tackled firsthand. 

Quality Over Quantity

While many platforms might bombard you with overwhelming amounts of information, we focus on delivering precise, concise, and actionable solutions. Our aim is to make your Salesforce journey smoother, without overwhelming you.

Our Vision

Our goal is to stand at the forefront of the Salesforce and tech industry as the premier content curator. We are dedicated to crafting insightful, enlightening, and valuable content that empowers professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to elevate their career trajectories.

Introducing Our Lead Author:

Dorian Sabitov

Certified Salesforce Developer

Dorian Sabitov, with 4 Salesforce certifications under his belt, began his journey in the IT sphere as a CRM Administrator in 2020. Transitioning to Salesforce a year later through platforms like Trailhead and Focus on Force, he quickly climbed the ranks, obtaining the esteemed Ranger Rank. Beyond this, Dorian has secured numerous Superbadges and has been recognized with certifications such as the Salesforce Certified Administrator, Platform App Builder, Associate and Platform Developer I by 2023. Dorian is very keen on continuous learning, always looks for fresh ways to improve his knowledge. He enjoys running, boxing, kickboxing and reading diverse kinds of books in his free time. His rapid progression and commitment to excellence make him a cornerstone of our content team. 

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