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How to Automate Salesforce Sales Compensation Counting


Understanding how sales compensation works is essential for both companies and sales reps. In this guide, we’ll talk about what sales compensation is, its different parts, and the tech tools that make calculating it easier.

“A strong compensation plan should be aligned with company goals, simple to understand and communicate, and give sales reps and managers target objectives to work toward.” © Justin Lane | Senior Director of Strategic Services, XACTLY Corporation

Sales compensation represents the money and benefits that sales reps earn in exchange for closing deals and hitting specific targets. It usually consists of a mix of base salary, commissions, and incentives. These elements aim to motivate salespeople to excel in their roles and contribute positively to the company’s revenue.

The Significance of Intelligent Salesforce Compensation Plan  

This section aims to highlight key data and statistics to emphasize why a well-crafted sales compensation strategy is crucial:

Around 43% of sales professionals indicate they’d consider departing their current employer if they were offered a mere 10% hike in pay.

Statistics on compensation strategy

Source: Employee Engagement Report


A good compensation management for sales boosts the team’s top performance. On the flip side, a bad plan can hurt motivation and lower results.

What Sales Compensation Includes

Sales compensation is often split into two parts: a set base salary and a commission. The base salary is what you earn no matter what, and the commission changes based on how much you sell.

Bonuses Add Complexity

On top of the salary and commission, some people also get bonuses. These can be tied to how well you sell but could also be related to other factors like keeping clients happy or hitting other targets.

Sales Compensation Trends

Source: Report Sales Compensation Trends to Know in 2023

Many compensation plans for sales teams utilize growth factors. Reaching set sales targets is the top method for these growth factors, and they often employ multipliers that extend over several years.

Different Roles, Different Pay

Not all sales jobs pay the same way. For example, field sales reps may have a lower set salary but the chance to earn more in commission. Inside sales reps might have the opposite: a higher base salary with a lower commission.

Increasing Business Financial Flexibility

From a functional perspective, commission programs give companies financial freedom. Payouts match real sales success in sectors subject to sales swings. This makes sure that businesses aren’t saddled with hefty fixed pay during tough times.

Creating an Environment that Is Competitive Yet Collaborative

Commission schemes can encourage teamwork as well as competition. To grow collectively and generate bigger commissions, team members frequently exchange ideas, tactics, and plans. A work atmosphere that is lively, energized, and inventive might result from this mix of rivalry and collaboration.

Improved Customer Experience

Employees are encouraged to provide excellent customer service since profits are frequently dependent on sales and connections with customers. In addition to boosting immediate sales, this customer-focused strategy cultivates loyalty, which encourages repeat business and recommendations.

One of the most effective CRM platforms in the world, Salesforce, helps you manage your internal operations more effectively in addition to your customers. The sales commission calculation is one of the topics that businesses frequently want to know more about.

The process of managing and calculating referral sales commissions in Salesforce often entails the creation of custom fields and computations. Due to its versatility, Salesforce enables the development of these custom fields, formulas, processes, and even triggers (if required) to do this.

Basic Implementation of Salesforce Sales Commission Calculation

Salesforce natively doesn’t offer a straightforward function for commission calculations. However, with the platform’s flexible features, we can set up basic tracking and calculations.

Step 1. Navigate to Setup, Object Manager, and select Opportunity.

Step 1. Navigate to Setup

Step 2. Create custom fields in the Opportunity object to capture the commission rate and the calculated commission. We will need a field for Rate and Commission.

Step 2. Create custom fields

Commission Rate will be a numeric field, Commission instead should be a formula field.

Step 3. Create a formula field to automatically calculate the commission based on the opportunity amount and the commission rate.

Step 3. Create a formula


The built-in capability works best for companies with simple commission arrangements. In the Dev Console, we may change the Commission Rate field for every Opportunity record that currently exists.

// Query all Opportunities

List<Opportunity> oppsToUpdate = [SELECT Id, Commission_Rate__c FROM Opportunity];

// Loop through each Opportunity and update the Commision_Rate__c field

for(Opportunity opp : oppsToUpdate) {

    opp.Commission_Rate__c = 5;


// Bulk update all Opportunities

update oppsToUpdate;

Hit the Execute button, and Salesforce will set the Commission Rate for all Opportunity records as 5.

Hit the Execute button

Advanced Implementation with Apps from AppExchange:

1. Xactly Incent

Xactly Incent

Xactly optimizes your investment by enhancing Salesforce compensation plan efficiency, streamlining processes, promoting punctuality, and ensuring precision. Elevate sales performance and bolster your business outcomes leveraging the combined strengths of Xactly and Salesforce.

Xactly App


Pay attention to the requirements of the App.

Xactly App Details

Xactly Incent assists organizations in automating and simplifying their intricate sales compensation plan procedures. This solution is adaptable, straightforward to set up, and can be tailored to fit evolving needs and periodic adjustments in incentive schemes.

2. Sales Commission Management For Salesforce By Commissionly


Commissionly provides sales commission management solutions for Salesforce, empowering businesses to efficiently reward and inspire their sales teams to finalize more transactions.

Commissionly App Details

Customizable to each company’s distinct requirements, the app is cost-effective and suitable for enterprises across all scales. It aids in removing errors in commission payment processing, enhances sales productivity, and boosts the retention of sales personnel.

In Conclusion

Sales compensation is more than a paycheck. It’s a dynamic setup that can really steer the performance of your team. Whether you’re a startup or an industry giant, you’ll find that an effective Salesforce compensation package can make a world of difference. With the right balance and the right tools, you can turn your sales team into a powerhouse. So go ahead, dive into the numbers, and see what works for you.

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