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Salesforce Time Tracking: Your Secret to Business Success


Nowadays the aphorism “time is money” couldn’t be more pertinent. Particularly in the corporate sphere, effective time management isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. Time tracking, therefore, takes on immense significance.

The Weight of Time Tracking in Salesforce for Companies

Time tracking is the practice of recording and managing the amount of time spent on various tasks or projects. This can be done manually, such as jotting down hours on paper or in a spreadsheet, or digitally, using specialized software and tools. The primary goal is to capture accurate data on work durations to improve efficiency, billing, project management, and resource allocation.

Benefits of Salesforce Tracking Time

  • Better Decisions Through Data: Good time data helps managers make choices. It shows where resources go. This helps in making budget and staffing plans.
  • Being Open and Accountable: Time tracking helps staff feel responsible. It also makes billing clear for clients and internal reviews.
  • Work More Effectively: When employees know time is tracked, they work better. This helps find where time is wasted and shows how to improve.
  • Good for the Bottom Line: Using the Salesforce time tracking tool well can make a company more profitable. It makes client billing accurate and helps use resources well.

Best salesforce time tracking plugins you can find on AppExchange.


Salesforce AppExchange has a variety of Apps that help you to track project time. Other plugins allow you to measure the time you spend on phone conversations, emails, tasks, and even meetings. There is an app for practically every purpose on Salesforce AppExchange, and you’ll be happy to learn that almost all of them are quite simple to use.

1. TimeTracker – Best native Salesforce time tracking and project management tool

TimeTracker offers a robust feature set that caters to various aspects of time management. Here’s why TimeTracker proves to be the go-to application for modern businesses.

TimeTracker App

Transparency becomes the name of the game with TimeTracker’s time approval feature. Internal and customer-facing managers have the luxury to review and greenlight timesheets, thereby streamlining accountability and avoiding any billing discrepancies.

TimeTracker Dashboard


Say goodbye to complex payroll calculations. TimeTracker lets you define rules for regular and overtime hours, summarizing them neatly for each user. What’s more, this data can effortlessly sync with your existing payroll system, making wage disbursement a cinch.

TimeTracker rises above being a simple tool for clocking hours; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored to the intricate demands of today’s enterprises. Offering a rich array of functionalities—from Case Timers to Field Time Tracking and Time Approvals—this app positions itself as an invaluable resource for any entity striving to optimize productivity and refine its operational processes.

2. Time Tracking by Fostering

Time Tracking by Fostering

The app’s intuitive interface allows you to start, pause, resume, and halt your timer with remarkable ease. This granular control ensures you capture every moment, whether it’s billable or internal time, thereby leaving no room for inaccuracies.

TimeTracker App Details

Gone are the days when you had to manually enter time for each task or project. The recently introduced Batch Time Entry feature allows you to log multiple time entries at once, effectively cutting down administrative hours.

real-time reporting capabilities

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time reporting capabilities. This feature not only enhances your transparency with clients but also helps you make data-driven decisions, effortlessly.


Bid farewell to the cumbersome spreadsheets and multiple systems traditionally used for time management. TimeTrack App streamlines the process for all your time-tracking needs. Whether you’re looking to monitor billable hours or internal time spent on Salesforce tasks, this app has got you covered. It offers batch time entry, and precise minute-rounding capabilities, and even facilitates client report generation. Plus, it’s fully compatible with the Salesforce1 Mobile App, offering flexibility on the go.

3. Flowdometer


Flowdometer’s got you covered when it comes to monitoring changes in Status or Stage, right over a duration. Yes, you can watch your team’s processes evolve in real time. App lets you implant Goals or SLAs, making sure that both individual players and team captains remain committed to prompt, steady action.

Flowdometer App Details

Flowdometer is far more than just a basic tracking tool. It’s an indispensable asset for anyone seeking to supercharge their Salesforce processes. With a focus on ease, customization, and most importantly, effectiveness, this app could be the game-changer you’ve been yearning for.

In Conclusion

Although time monitoring may seem like a simple chore, it has a significant influence on a company’s productivity and ability to generate income. This combination, when combined with Salesforce, a platform famous for its sophisticated CRM and analytics capabilities, has the potential to have a transformational impact on corporate operations. 

Apps like TimeTracker, Flowdometer, and TimeTrack App by Fostering stand out in this environment because they provide a wide range of features and insights that go beyond simple time-logging tasks. These cutting-edge capabilities, which range from extensive customization to real-time analytics, not only improve operational elements but also increase financial precision.

In general, adopting Salesforce time tracking—either through native Salesforce functionality or third-party applications—opens the door to a world of operational benefits. It is not just a check-the-box activity, but rather a deliberate turn toward thorough management and improved corporate performance. The value proposition is multifaceted, whether it’s encouraging employee accountability or boosting productivity. Therefore, time monitoring is more than just a tool in Salesforce; it is the core of a comprehensive approach to company improvement.

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