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Conga Grid | Simplify Data Management

Conga Grid  App Details

Conga Grid offers a straightforward setup process. It allows for quick updates of mass records and provides the flexibility to customize functions for each client within the installed App. The platform facilitates easy identification and swift updates of data gaps. Clients who have utilized Conga Grid have expressed great satisfaction with the enhanced visibility it offers.

One of the notable features of Conga Grid is its ability to consolidate various functionalities onto a single page. Users can combine multiple objects onto a grid or create a multi-tab grid that serves different business purposes. This feature was originally intended to replace the familiar Excel functionality, providing a seamless transition for users.

As an integrated productivity tool within Salesforce, Conga Grid greatly simplifies data management tasks. With its consolidated view, sorting capabilities, and efficient data batch handling, it significantly reduces the need for excessive clicking and screen switching, streamlining the overall process.

Key Benefits of Conga Grid:

  1. Time savings: With Conga Grid, you can accomplish tasks more swiftly, saving valuable time throughout your data management processes.
  2. Enhanced data quality: Easily find and manage the information you need, leading to improved data accuracy and integrity.
  3. Clear data visibility: Gain a comprehensive view of your data, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple screens. Conga Grid offers Quick Start Grids tailored to various use cases, such as Sales, Sales Executive, Case Management, and Salesforce Admin, enabling you to get started within minutes.
  4. Insights for growth: Conga Grid facilitates efficient workflow management, empowering you with a 360-degree view of your data on a single screen. Accessing valuable insights becomes seamless, driving growth opportunities for your organization.
  5. Team productivity: Inline editing capabilities within Conga Grid eliminate the need to navigate through multiple records and screens, enabling faster data updates and significantly increasing productivity.

Experience the convenience of creating, tracking, and managing your Salesforce data from a centralized platform. Conga Grid offers complete data visibility, empowering you to navigate, visualize, and manage data across multiple objects effortlessly. Unlock the full potential of your Salesforce environment with Conga Grid, and drive growth and productivity across your entire organization.


Conga Grid gives you something exceptional. You can view details of multiple levels of records, for example, Parent, Child, or Grandchild, on one page and in Excel-like format. This saves a huge amount of time, effort, and confusion by switching between different screens for viewing and changing this information within Salesforce.

Set Up Steps

Step 1 – Simple click on “Get It Now” button.

Step 1 - Simple click on Get It Now button

Step 2 – Choose where you would like to install it, Prod or Sandbox.

Step 2 - Choose where you would like to install it

Step 3 – Confirm installation. Here Users can see that can have a free subscription for 15 days.

Step 3 - Confirm installation

Step 4 – Choose which users will work and have access to Conga Grid.

Step 4 - Choosing Users

Step 5 – Confirm approval about Third-Party websites access.

Step 5 - Third-Party websites access

Step 6 – You will receive an email about the successful installation.

Step 6 - email verification

Step 7 – Find the App in the App Launcher.

Step 7 - Find the App in the App Launcher

Step 8 – Home Page of Conga Grid App – is Users Home Page.

Step 8 - Home Page of Conga Grid App

Step 9 – For making the required configuration user can use different sections of the app.

Step 9 - making the required configurations

Step 10 – Users can customize the view as needed, use filters, grouping, and mass edit directly on one screen. Just make changes and click Save. Users don’t need to open each record one by one, use inline editing as well.


Don’t forget to save records.

Step 10 - Customize the view
Step 10 - Saving Records
Step 10 - Data Updated

Step 11 – App has nice and powerful features such as pre-installed templates for work, specified for different requests. Install them, and start work.

Step 11- pre-installed templates for work
Step 11- pre-installed templates installing
Step 11- installing quick templates

Step 12 – Nice results!

Step 12 - Smart Filter

Step 13 – A lot of possibilities for filtering records.

Step 13 - filtering records

Step 14 – Mass editing and creating of related records, such a powerful feature.

Step 14 - Mass editing

Step 15 – If there are any questions, support, and documentation help the User to make work with the App easy and productive.

Step 15 - support and documentation

In Conclusion

While Conga Grid offers numerous benefits and streamlines data management tasks, there are a few areas that could be improved. The saving feature does not auto-update records and requires a page refresh, which can be inconvenient. Additionally, there are occasional issues with loading and crashes, making it somewhat temperamental. Lastly, the scalability on mobile screens may need improvement to enhance the user experience. Overall, Conga Grid provides valuable features and efficiency for data management within Salesforce, but there are areas that could be refined to further enhance its usability.

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  • Great job, very useful article, thanks!

  • J. Cassecky
    1 day ago

    Thank you, Dorian, I found these insights very useful. I’m curious about your experience with its mass editing feature. How particularly can this functionality improve the data management efficiency and are there any tips or best practices you’d recommend for getting the most out of it?

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