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How to Create Einstein Bot in Salesforce: Your Ultimate Guide

Introduction to Salesforce Einstein Bot

Every one of us needs rest, holidays, vacations, and free time. But business works 24/7, so how to work in such cases? And I answer – automation. Salesforce CRM gives us such a powerful tool for the automation of routine processes. In case of support and interaction with customers, Salesforce offers us this beautiful tool. Salesforce Einstein Bots can be used on many different channels, such as SMS, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Chat, and WhatsApp. Salesforce Einstein Bots supports different languages also.

Salesforce Einstein Basics

Image Source: Salesforce Trailhead, Salesforce Einstein Basics

So in case of the weekend, you rest and Salesforce Bot works when you sleep, it works when you get off your work, it will work also. How many working hours does it save for you? I am certain a lot.

Benefits of Implementing Salesforce Einstein Bots

All kinds of businesses of each size need business automation. Especially in services that the company uses for interaction with their customers. That means that Salesforce Einstein Bots not only provide client services 24/7 but that the necessary actions such as emails, chats, and SMS are also available even during non-working company hours.

Rules based Einstein Bots

Employee Not Required

There are a lot of queries that do not require your company employee to dedicate his time to service customers. Knowledge base, main information, all that info Salesforce Einstein Bot can provide to your clients just in a moment when they have a need. Salesforce Einstein Bot can make work easier without interaction from employees or your team.

We need to remember such things, the Salesforce Einstein Bots can change a human employee in case of deflection (a case when a customer doesn’t like to talk about an issue with a human employee and prefers AI due to a specific issue).

NLP based Einstein Bots

Customers Like to Choose Company With Modern Solutions 

If we compare two companies that offer similar services or products, but in one case, the option requires you to wait for a human to help and the other allows you to use a bot for the self-service, the customer will notice the difference in service availability which can change their opinion.

Implementing Einstein Bots

Image Source: Salesforce Admins, AI for Admins

Cost Savings and Productivity Boost

When your team works with AI and uses Salesforce Einstein Bot means that your team can focus on more complex tasks, and it impacts a lower budget for the customer service team. If a company does not see a necessity to implement a chatbot, all the work that can be provided by AI assistants should be done by human team, and that means extra costs and only strictly working hours, and human factors as well.

Salesforce suggests that if you want to grow your business, and you want to achieve this without paying high costs, you should consider using AI. A lot of the repetitive tasks can be passed to an AI assistant and escalated to an employee only when a human employee is required. This implementation will allow your employees to focus on more complex tasks and will reduce working hours spent by your team on repetitive and simple tasks.


It’s only the beginning, and the statistics below on the predicted US AI market size growth prove it. So it may be the right time to start considering the integration of AI within your systems already today.

Here you may see the predicted growth of the AI market size only in the US by 2023:

Precedence Research

How to Create Einstein Bot in Salesforce

Make a Plan For Einstein Chat Bot Salesforce

Before you start creating your Bot, it’s important to understand why you are building it and for whom. A carefully created plan is crucial to make your Salesforce Einstein bot more effective and your customers much happier. There is a need to consider a few plans from different perspectives. For a better understanding of planning and analytics, you can use native features of Salesforce or external plugins from AppExchange. You may get more info about the service analytics app Salesforce in our blog. 

One of them is Business Planning, with points you should pay attention to:

  • What are the common issues your customers back to you with?
  • Determine and test whether or not an Einstein Bot can resolve them.
  • Which of the KPIs do you want to achieve as a result of working with a bot? You can check more info on how to track sales KPIs through Salesforce in our blog.

Planning of Technical solutions

  • Select which of the channels you’ll use, like Chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack.
  • Implementing and integrating with a knowledge base or CRM.
  • What kind of solution do you prefer to use a rule-based Einstein Bot, NLP-based, or maybe you’d like to select a hybrid version that contains both NLP and rule capabilities?

Planning of Einstein AI Bot tone and manner for interactions with customer

  • What’s the name of your Einstein bot?
  • Plan how the bot will say, for example, a welcome greeting.
  • What will be the tone and style of your Salesforce Einstein bot?

When planning you need to track such KPIs as the cost of operation savings due to the Salesforce Einstein Bot:

  • Percentage of investments for a bot that will return (ROI).
  • Reduction in cost of employees’ time saved with a bot.
  • Deflection Rate, or conversations with customers that prefer to chat with Bot, not with humans.
  • Average time that an agent usually spends on a case.

Activate Your Salesforce Einstein Bot

First things first, let’s get your Einstein Bot up and running. Simply select the Setup section in Salesforce, find the Einstein Bots option, and follow the prompts to activate it.

Step 1 - Find the Einstein Bots option

Building Your Bot’s Foundation

With your bot activated, it’s time to start the groundwork.

Permissions to provide work with AI

Make sure that you have all permissions to provide work with AI.

Select bot type

Salesforce offers you a lot of different possibilities while you create your Einstein Bot.

Personalize your bot

Salesforce offers a multi-language package to work with Einstein Bot.

Options to customize

A lot of options to customize your Salesforce Einstein Bot are presented in the setup menu.

Final Step

On this step you may encounter an error, ‘LiveChatTranscript Error’. But I have one solution for you. You need to enable Chat in Chat Settings.

Chat Settings

And Voila, your Einstein Bot is created.

Customizing And Starting Work With Salesforce Einstein Chatbot 

Customizing Einstein Chatbot

Einstein Bot Builder helps you to customize and set up work with a chatbot.

Preview how it works

As a result, you can preview how it works.

Bot Preview

It’s a simple example, but you can build a much more powerful Bot.  

Personalize the Experience

A Salesforce Einstein Bot with personality wins hearts. Inject life into your bot with cheerful greetings and responses that resonate on a human level.

In Conclusion, Are You Ready to Build Your First Einstein AI Bot?

Deploying your Salesforce Einstein Bot is just the beginning. You can obtain a new friend, personal assistant, and hard worker. That works non-stop 24/7. A tool that will give you more time with your family, a tool that increases the quality of customer service provided by your company. 

Your trip with Salesforce Einstein AI is starting right now, and there is a lot to discover.

3 Responses to “How to Create Einstein Bot in Salesforce: Your Ultimate Guide

  • Shubham Shaikh
    5 months ago

    Can you provide more information about deflection rates and how Salesforce Einstein Bots can reduce them?

    • Dorian Sabitov
      5 months ago

      Hi Shubham, one of the primary goals of Einstein Bots is to deflect cases before they reach a human agent, effectively decreasing deflection rates. They do this by providing instant answers to customers’ questions through knowledge articles, creating new inquiries as leads, managing case creations, and even updating records like orders and cases. This level of automation allows service teams to focus on more complex issues that require human intervention, enhancing overall productivity and customer satisfaction​​.

      Salesforce’s commitment to AI doesn’t stop with chatbots. The introduction of Einstein for Service features, like the new Bots Builder, allows for even more customization and effectiveness in bots. Businesses can choose between standard or enhanced bots, tailoring the bot’s capabilities to their specific needs. This includes the ability to send files or images, offering richer customer interactions. Despite these advancements, it’s crucial to note that enhanced bots currently do not support rich content preview, meaning they are limited to displaying text content when using Salesforce Chat​​​​.

      The benefits of implementing Einstein Bots are numerous, from quick case deflection and reduced wait times to saving time for agents and providing efficient customer inquiry redirects. For businesses looking to enhance their digital engagement strategies and improve customer service efficiency, Einstein Bots offer a powerful solution. By automating routine inquiries, they allow service teams to devote more attention to complex issues, ultimately leading to happier customers and a more effective service operation​​.

  • Karin Orbat
    2 months ago

    Insightful read! The breakdown of Salesforce Einstein Bots’ capabilities and setup process is just what I needed to get started.

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