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How Hard Is Salesforce Admin Certification?

In the realm of CRM platforms, Salesforce has undeniably carved a niche for itself, with various roles associated with its vast ecosystem becoming increasingly coveted. One such prominent role is that of a Salesforce Admin. For those considering a foray into this arena, a pressing question often emerges: How hard is Salesforce admin certification? And further, is obtaining such a certification genuinely worth the effort and investment?

The Journey to Salesforce Admin Certification

For starters, obtaining the Salesforce admin certification involves a combination of training, experience, and an official examination. Our lead Salesforce expert Dorian Sabitov advises Salesforce’s official training platform, Trailhead, which offers a specific course path for those eyeing the badge. This platform is tailor-made for beginners and experienced professionals alike, providing a step-by-step guide through the intricate nuances of Salesforce administration. In any case, it’s always better to use official platforms for training, so Trailhead Salesforce admin certification is the winning option.

However, as with many certifications, the degree of difficulty can be subjective. Let’s try to find out how hard is Salesforce admin certification for SF professionals.

Dorian Sabitov, a lead author at and certified Salesforce specialist, says his opinion in regards to how hard was Salesforce administration certification from his own experience:

“I became a Salesforce Certified Administrator (SCA) (Issued in August 2022), which was the most challenging for me. This certification is quite well-rounded and covers many aspects, which were new to me.”

According to a recent survey conducted by SF Staffing Agency, Salesforce specialists rated the difficulty of acquiring a Salesforce certification, on average, 7 out of 10. This underscores the fact that while the certification process is certainly attainable, it’s not without its challenges.

difficulty of acquiring a Salesforce certification

Advanced Considerations

For those who successfully navigate the primary SF admin certification, there’s the prospect of advancing to the Salesforce advanced admin certification. This certification, as the name suggests, delves deeper into the intricacies of Salesforce administration, offering a higher level of expertise and recognition in the industry.

Is the Effort Worth It? The Payoff

When it comes to tangible benefits, Salesforce administrator certification salary statistics paint a promising picture. According to Salesforce certification research, certified Salesforce professionals, on average, command a salary that’s 14.24% higher than their non-certified counterparts. Given the increasing demand for Salesforce professionals, this certification could very well be the key to unlocking more lucrative job opportunities.

The payoff of certification

Moreover, the certification isn’t just about monetary benefits. Recruiters and businesses have shown a distinct preference for certified professionals. An overwhelming 98% of surveyed recruiters expressed that they actively seek candidates with a Salesforce certification during the hiring process.

Maintenance and Continued Learning for Salesforce Admin Certification

The journey through SF administrator certification is a continuous one, characterized by evolving knowledge and regular updates. Salesforce, being a leader in CRM solutions, is ever-evolving. This fluidity in its platform necessitates that those holding the SF admin certification remain abreast with its latest nuances and features.

Dorian Sabitov, our leading author, shares an essential insight: “Every year you should maintain all your certifications. You will be notified by email from Salesforce. Certification maintenance means learning about new updates and passing the quiz or hands-on challenge.” This quote emphasizes how hard admin certification Salesforce maintenance can be, demanding professionals to stay updated with every shift in the platform.

The continuous learning and adaptation process stands as a testament to Salesforce certification’s value. Not only does it help in harnessing the platform’s ever-expanding potential but also reinforces a professional’s standing in the market, often leading to a better Salesforce admin certification salary.

Concluding Thoughts on How Hard Is Salesforce Admin Certification

While the Salesforce admin certification does pose its challenges, the benefits, both in terms of salary and career opportunities, make it a worthwhile endeavor. The certification not only reflects a candidate’s technical prowess but also underscores their dedication and commitment to mastering the Salesforce platform.

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For those still wondering, “Is Salesforce admin certification worth it?”, the answer leans heavily towards a resounding “yes”. Whether it’s the direct financial rewards, the increased job prospects, or the intrinsic satisfaction of mastering a globally recognized platform, the certification holds undeniable value.

However, as with any professional journey, continuous learning, adaptability, and staying updated with the Salesforce admin certification maintenance requirements are pivotal to long-term success in the Salesforce admin realm.

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